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Second part of the collaborative venture with the photographer Guy Bompais, Kulungalinpa was written in 1998 during a stay in Australia.

Kulungalinpa (Aboriginal word of a hill fallen from the sky during the Dream Time) tells the story of a European man who discovers a vast and strange new world and, while he is wandering, confronts the Aboriginal people and the Dream Time.

Kulungalinpa © Guy Bompais Kulungalinpa2

Kulungalinpa was premiered in Saint Cloud (France) in 1999.

Audio sample: with the performers of the premiere - Marie Kobayashi (mezzo-soprano), François Lemonnier (trombone), Lucie Bessière and Marie Agnès Letellier (violins), Arnaud Limonaire (viola), Paul Broutin (cello), Didier Latroupe (conductor). End of the work.