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Commissioned by the orchestra National de Lyon for the "Chantiers de la creation musicale enfantine" (workshops for children - music creation), "Oceans" is written for five musiciens (flute, bassoon, violin, viola and double-bass) and about 50 children of primary schools.

" The idea of Océans came from the children of the primary school Fulchiron in Lyon. They asked me to write a work about the Vendee-Globe, the famous boat race around the world.

Invitation for travelling, the piece is inspired by this expedition and evokes the crossing of the three oceans." Sophie Lacaze.


Audio samples:

  1. the departure from the Sables d'Olonne
  2. near Cap Leuwin

  3. "Les Haut-Parleurs", broadcast by Dominique Boutel (France Musique, May 29, 2005) about the 8th Chantiers de la Creation in Lyon. Excerpts (in French).

Océans was premiered during the 8th "Chantiers de la Creation Musicale Enfantine" at the Auditorium in Lyon in May 2005, by children of Fulchiron Primary School (teachers: Christophe Demagny, Brigitte Ibba and Benoit Armand) and musicians of the orchestra National de Lyon: France Verrot (flute), Francois Apap (bassoon), Claudie Boisselier (violin), Vincent Hugon (viola) and Daniel Billon (double-bass), conductor Florence Lugagne.

During the school year, the work with the children was done in a collaborative venture with the association Clavichords, and especially Sylvie Achard. Jerome Thiebaux and Arnaud Broville - Cultural and Pedagogic Department of the orchestra National de Lyon -, were in charge of the coordination and the artistic matters.