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For voice and instruments:

"En Quete" 2d version, for narrator, mezzo-soprano voice, alt-saxophone and piano (2012). - 10'30

Audio sample: end of the work. By Alain Carre (narrator), Amaya Dominguez (mezzo-soprano), Jean-Yves Fourmeau (alt-saxophone) and Martin Surot (piano). 2'45

"Dreaming" chamber opera for two female voices, narrator, didgeridoo, flutes, percussions, viola and tape (2004). - 60'

Audio sample 1: world in the dark. 4'15
Audio sample 2: dialogue between two gods. 3'30
Audio sample 3: battle between two animals. 3'40
Audio sample 4: to wake up sleepy ones. 4'35

By Kiyoko Okada (soprano), Veronique Bauer (mezzo-soprano), Sylvie Pascal (flutes), Phillip Peris (didgeridoo), Alain Martinez (viola), Ludovic Montet (percussions).

"Trois melodies" for female voice and string trio (1991). - 9'

Audio sample: 2e mélodie. Par l'ensemble Triton II (Aino Lund, voix ; Françoise Duffaud, violon ; Diane Chmela, alto ; Ladislav Szathmary, violoncelle). 1'40