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Music with tape:

"Fenouillet I " acousmatic short piece (2007). - 1'

Listening Fenouillet I with a choreography by Laura Shapiro on YouTube.

"Archelogos II" for bass-flute and tape (2007). - 3'

Audio sample: 1st part. By Pierre-Yves Artaud. CD SOLAL.

"Vents du sud" for CD (2006). - 4'30

Audio sample: beginning. Work made from recordings done with the Helios Ensemble for the film "l'enfance de Catherine" by Anne Baudry. 3'07

"Archelogos I" for voice, CD and images (2006). - 2'45

Audio sample: beginning of the work. By Francoise Vanhecke. 1'45.

"Voices of Australia" for flute and recorded voices (2002). - 5'20

Audio sample: beginning of the work. By Ivan Bellocq. 2'47.