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New CD:

"Souffles" (les Editions de l'Astronome) : to be published in November 2012

With "L'espace et la flute - Variations autour de textes de Jean Tardieu" (texts by Jean-Tardieu),
"Voyelles" (text by Arthur Rimbaud),
"Het Lam Gods III" (text by Alain Carré),
"Quatre haïkus" (texts by Yamaghusi Sodô, Buson, Issa, Bashô),
et "En Quête" (texts by Jean-Pierre Rosnay).

Works were recorded by Alain CARRE (narrator), Baudoin GIAUX (flute), Jean-Yves FOURMEAU (alt-saxophone), Amaya DOMINGUEZ (mezzo-soprano), Martin SUROT (piano), HINEMOA quartet and Baudoin Giaux' students at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.