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"Het Lam Gods II"

"Het Lam Gods II" for flute and flute orchestra, is the second work Sophie Lacaze wrote on the wellknown painting « Het Lam Gods » by Hubert and Jan Van Eyck (1432).

The retable is constituted of 24 panels, 20 of which deal with religious themes. In « Het Lam Gods II », the composer musically transposes the atmospheres of the pannels: Adam and Eve, Angels singers and musicians, John the Baptist and the Blessed Virgin, and central pannel, God, Son or Father.

The work is dedicated to Pierre-Yves Artaud, Pierre-Alain Biget and the Orchestre de Flutes Français.

Pierre-Yves Artaud, Pierre-Alain Biget and the OFF
during a rehearsal for Het Lam Gods I

Audio sample: beginning of the work, Adam and Eve. 1'20".