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New CD:

"Fair_Play 2"- Avril 2018

Music and sound creations. 80 works by women composers from more than 20 different countries.

With the first of "Deux mouvements", for saxophone tenor and orchestra by Sophie LACAZE, performed by Daniel KIENTZY and Romanian National Radio Orchestra, conductor Horia ANDREESCU.

Link to the CD : https://fairplaynetwork.bandcamp.com/album/fair-play-2

"Fair_Play One"- April 2017

Music and sound creations. To celebrate its first anniversary, the Fair_Play network is gathering 31 women artists/composers through a compilation supporting the French Planned Parenthood

With "Vents du sud", acousmatic piece by Sophie LACAZE

Link to the CD : https://fairplaynetwork.bandcamp.com/

"7 saxophones autour du monde" (Nova Musica) - June 2016

By Daniel KIENTZY (saxophones) and Romanian National Radio Orchestras, conductors Cristian BRANCUSI and Horia ANDREESCU.

With "Deux mouvements" for tenor saxophone and orchestra by Sophie LACAZE

"Souffles" (les Editions de l'Astronome)

With "L'espace et la flute - Variations autour de textes de Jean Tardieu" (texts by Jean-Tardieu),
"Voyelles" (text by Arthur Rimbaud),
"Het Lam Gods III" (text by Alain Carré),
"Quatre haïkus" (texts by Yamaghusi Sodô, Buson, Issa, Bashô),
et "En Quête" (texts by Jean-Pierre Rosnay).

Works were recorded by Alain CARRE (narrator), Baudoin GIAUX (flute), Jean-Yves FOURMEAU (alt-saxophone), Amaya DOMINGUEZ (mezzo-soprano), Martin SUROT (piano), HINEMOA quartet and Baudoin Giaux' students at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

To order the CD : http://www.editions-astronome.com/livre/souffles/