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"L'Agneau Mystique "

"L'Agneau Mystique " is a transcription for flute and string trio of the string quartet "Het Lam Gods", that was written on the wellknown painting by Hubert and Jan Van Eyck (1432).

The retable is constituted of 24 panels, 20 of which deal with religious themes. In her work,, the composer musically transposes the atmospheres of the different pannels. In the first movement: Adam and Eve, Angels singers and musicians, John the Baptist and the Blessed Virgin, God, Son or Father. In the second one: pilgrims, hermits, Christ's knights, fair judges and finally Het Lam Gods.

Het Lam Gods, Jan and Hubert Van Eyck

Audio sample: beginning of the work, Adam and Eve. 2'30". By Helios ensemble.